Friday, 28 March 2014

Our holiday summary...

Some of you are aware we have been away for 6 nights, visiting my family on the South coast, in Poole. We decided to prolong the usual stay and make it into this years holiday. Bonus seeing family and still having our holiday. Cash is a little limited with a foreign holiday planned for next year, and a house move on the cards this year, but that did not stop us. We took advantage of the Haven holidays 50% off sale, and booked in at Rockley Park, and the smallest caravan. Next time, we will pay the extra for a larger one.
Our home for the week

The lounge and dining rom
1/2 the kitchen

the other 1/2 of the kitchen


Master bedroom
Twin room
 As you can see, space was very limited, but we still enjoyed it. The kitchen utensils and pans etc., were very basic, so after cooking scrambled eggs and bacon the first morning, we realised we would be eating out a fair amount. The extras we got with the holiday site was the pool, which both girls really enjoyed, and the evening entertainment. We only managed 1 night of the entertainment due to seeing family and friends, but J still managed to win the dance competition.
The holiday was for 7 nights, but daddy had to work on day 8, so we cut it short.
Here is a summary of our days, with in depth posts later about our days.
Day1 - travel down (over 900 miles in the case of 6 days) and visited Auntie A and family before she had her baby. Settle in and a quick trip to Nana's and Grandad C, who gave us a surprise holiday hamper of fridge essentials, which saved a trip to the shops. Thank you!
Day2 - Visiting Auntie L and her family, and explored the Lyndhurst New Forest and New Forest museum, with a lunch at the tea rooms. We then went to Totton for a nature walk, finished off with a trip to a great sweet shop, Then a quick trip to Auntie H and family for a pizza night and catch up.
Day 3 - We visited Corfe Castle, with lunch out, another quick visit to Auntie H and family, and back to the holiday site for evening entertainment.
Day 4- Daddy M's Birthday!! I took the girls on a morning walk so Daddy could have a shower in peace, then off to Poole Quay for a big fry up breakfast, without the washing up. This was a very windy day, so our planned trip to the beach was postponed, and we went to the pool for a swim. After the swim we went to explore Hengistbury Head so S could nap ready for a family party in the evening. Whilst there, we flew a kite, for approx. 5 mins before J got too cold, a few quick snaps, and back we went. It was very windy! Then off to Nanas and Grandads for a party and BBQ.
Day 5- After the party, it had to be a lazy day, as we were all tired after the late night yesterday. I took the girls to the beach with a park, for the girls to stretch their legs, and have a splash, whilst daddy rested, (he's been doing all the driving!) We then spent the afternoon back in the pool, where J managed to pluck the courage to go down the 12ft water slide, and she done this over 10 times.
Day 6 - We went to Weymouth Sea life centre  with Nana and Grandad C, was a good day out, especially as we used Tesco clubcard vouchers to pay for 2 of us to get in.
Day 7 - We met my new nephew C, who was born on Daddy M's birthday, then met up with Nana and Grandad C for a meal, which Daddy opted for a challenge... he was sooo close! We then visited my Great Grandma, (the girls great great grandma) before the long drive home. This time it took five and a half hours. We were all glad to be back to our full size beds and back to a central heated home. The pussy cats sure had missed us.
It was a fun filled holiday, and we packed a lot into it, and we are all very tired after, so will update the days with lots of photos of memories later during the week.

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